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hi guys it's Doris from look amazing andI'm back with our best of beauty videoand our best of beauty series prettymuch covers the top 5 products indifferent categories and we usuallyfigure out the top 5 by pulling togetherwhat are the top favorites of editors aswell as beauty youtubers and the topsellers ad truck stores departmentstores and to really bring you guys thetop 5 that I will personally test outand give you guys my feedback so ourtopic today is going to be on the top 5anti-aging serum so before I get intothe actual products I want to just talkabout serums in general to give you guysan overview of what serums are so serumsare pretty much concentrated formulathat you pretty much use in yourskincare routine right before yourmoisturizer and they're usually targetedfor specific treatments such as if youwant to lighten dark spots or if youwant to enhance any of your skin'sproperties from brightness all the wayto wrinkle prevention or treatingwrinkles these are what serums are forso I'm going to cover the ones that aretargeted for anti-aging which usuallyhas to do with wrinkles but alsohydration so I'm going to go through thetop 5 and then if you guys have anyquestions you can leave me a question mecomments down below so the first one Ihave here is by Kiehl'sand this is their hydro plumpingretexturizing serum concentrate reallyknown for helping I would say theappearance of fine lines and kind ofmaking the texture of your skin muchmore smoother and the appearance of itbrighter as well and it's really relatedto hydrating from within so the formulathat it has it has 15% glycerin which isreally known for its moisturizingproperties and also contains as shisoleaf extract as well so this is I wouldsay the packaging is in the form of apump so it's really lightweight and interms of the formula it's reallyinteresting because it's very differentfrom the other ones that I will get intobecause it's a little bit thicker andapplies more like I woulda primer versus the other ones are morekind of slippery this one actually feelsonce it kind of dries on it feels alittle bit more matte but it does feelnice and moisturizing once you put it onbut it kind of dries up pretty nice andquickly and it has new fragrance as wellso if you guys don't like anythingfragrant or with fragrance this is agreat one but overall I would say itdoes a really nice job of sealing in ifyou are kind of you know applyingdifferent products in your skincareroutine as a nice way of kind of sealingit all in and it makes it feel like thenext day your skin feels really nice andsmooth so the next theorem I have hereis by Saito and this is the ultimatepower infusing concentrate and in termsof the packaging it's also in this popformat and for texture I would say it'sslightly more liquidy than the Kiehl'sone that I just showed you guys and itdoes apply very nice and silky has aslight fragrance to it more of arefreshing scent and as you can see onceI've applied it all it does have thisreally nice moisturize layer and that'sreally to kind of seal in all themoisture or all the moisture and reallyhydrate the skin but also this one isknown to kind of protect your skin fromany environmental factors and stress andimpurities so I would say the after likethis one you definitely have to let itsit for a while to really let it soak inbut I would say in the morning or rightbefore I'm applying my moisturizer itdoes feel a little bit sticky and in themorning it does have this extratightness to it so I would say I havemixed feelings about this one I kind oflike it because it does feel nice andsilky smooth but in the morning I feellike it does make my face feel a littlebit more tight and which could be a goodthing for some people but for me that'snot something that I tend to prefer soyeah so that's kind of my review on thisone I would say probably my leastfavorite out of the five that I willtalk about so the next serum here is byClarins it is their double serum whichfeatures both a water-based one as wellasoil-based one which i think is reallyreally interesting because this issomething that I actually love using forthe morning you can use it for both dayand night and you actually also usingthe pump you once you apply it on youactually have to mix it on your handfirst before actually applying it onyour face to make sure the boil and thewater mix well and I really like thisone especially in the morning becauseonce I have this on and then I layer onany sort of foundation or BB cream itreally creates this nice glowing andkind of dewy effect which I really loveand it keeps I think my face reallyhydrated out throughout the day that Idon't feel like I have to use one ofthose misting sprays so I would say theserum is probably one of my favoritesand overall it's also has the propertiesknown to help with anti-aging hydrationand really improving the consistency andtexture of your skin so yeah so that'smy review of that one the next one hereis by Estee Lauder this is theiradvanced night repair so mostly use forthe night time and this one has theirrecovery complex - which is also verysimilar to all the other serums thatI'll be talking about has very similarpromises of like reducing the appearanceof wrinkles kind of hydration andimproving the texture of your skin so Iwould say the packaging is in thedropper format which is very popular forserums serums in general and this sokind of the original packaging and thisis one of the bestsellers for quite sometime so this one I would say reallysurprised me because how about how fastit absorbed into my skin I would sayonce I put it on it only took like ohcool would say less than 10 seconds andI felt like the whole product kind ofabsorbed into my skin so I really likedthat and I didn't leave like any sort ofafter feeling kind of like no stickinessvery very smooth and also in terms offragrance to me it kind of smells likevitaminsthat's a smell but that's what it kindof smelled like to me so it doesn't haveany sort of floral fragrance or anythingif you guys have bothered by that butjust overall really really nice anddefinitely something that doesn'tinterfere with any of my heaviermoisturizers that I've been using in thewinter so yeah so I would recommend thisone so the last serum I have here is bylink oh and this is the genifique thereyouth activating concentrate so tailoredfor both day and night and I like thisone too because the packaging is quiteunique it's a dropper format but onceyou twist it kind of clicks for you sothis one I just dispensed a little bitto tell you guys about the consistencyso out of all of them I would say thisis more on the watery side of the ones Imentioned and it really really glides onvery very smooth so this one also justhas a slight refreshing fragrance to itvery similar to the Shiseido one butdoesn't leave any sort of after feelingwhere it's just kind of like absorbsinto your skin and it feels like it'sreally hydrated in the morning I wouldsay this one felt the best out of all ofthem in terms of it feeling kind of moremoisturized but also feeling that myskin felt a little bit more plumper andthe skin tone too as well had a littlebit more of a brighter and glowing asseffect to it so yeah so this one I wouldsay is my favourite nighttime one thatI've been using a lot and then I'll beusing the Clarins one more for thedaytime so yeah so overall I would sayall the five serums kind of each habitsown special properties that kind ofpromise the same thing of really helpingwith anti-aging from a perspective ofimproving skin texture hydratingelasticity and also kind of firming upthe skin to make sure it's really niceand plump so yeah so overall if you guyshave any specific questions on theserums don't hesitate to let me knowdown in the comments below I kind ofgave just a high-level overview becauseI tested each of the serums for abouttwo weeks so this is kind of my firstimpressions but over time I think youguys will see if I do mention theseserums again that means I will have moreto kind of share with you guys aboutthem so yes so I hope you guys enjoyedthis top 5 best of beauty video and alsoif you guys are interested in othertopics that you want me to cover for ourbest of beauty series definitely let meknow down below as well so other thanthat I guess I will see you guys nexttime

I share with you my thoughts on the best-selling and most-raved about anti-aging serums by beauty editors and bloggers. See if they live up to the hype!

Not sure why or how to incorporate a serum into your skincare routine? Watch to find out πŸ™‚

Do you currently include a serum in your skincare routine? If so, let me know which one is your favorite!

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