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Americans stand up to 20 billion dollarso look like I did 20 years ago butthere are secrets the beauty industrydoes not want you to know about theanti-aging practice you buy every dayLisa Lee Friedman is helping us she'sbeen doing independent testing andinvesting in these products she's theeditor in chief of shop smart magazineso why doesn't the beauty in this youwant us to know about these secretsbecause they want you to keep buying andtrying all these hundreds of productsthat they develop and sell every yearbut the truth is is that they don't giveyou the dramatic results if they gaveyou dramatic results and actuallychanged the structure of your skin theybe drugs they be regulated as drugs theybe prescriptions but you can get someresults and our tests have shown overthe years you don't have to pay a lot toget results that message appeal to me alot you can get some of thebeneficiaries are for a lot less moneythen that's real value so the firstticket we're going to talk about are theunder-eye circle erasers the hundreds ofthese are out in the market right nowI've got a little image hoo-hoo-hoowho's tried some of these by the wayhe's under eye circles racers everybodythey're all put their hands up like thisso she purse okay here's the secret thebest tested circle erasers containcaffeine caffeine they have to have thatnow why is that so important well firstI just want to say that most under-eyecircles are due to genetics or allergiesand that's very difficult to treathowever if you do get a product withcaffeine in it you have a chance atmaking a slight difference for examplethose bags under your eyes caffeine willbe bagsyes bags on your eyes they they helpreduce water attention so that actuallyhelps smooth your skin and it also helpsrestrict the blood vessels in your eyeswhich reduces that dark look under youreyes so one product that has caffeine init is this particular product from Macit's $30 but really what you just wantto do is look for a product thatadvertises caffeine and it look for atingredient labels you can go online andfind that out and then these arerelatively affordable yeah like I saidthis is 30 but if your dark circlesdon't go away you should go see adermatologist and find out if there areprescription creams that might be worthtrying or laser treatments or evendermal fillers might help you very firsttoday yeah if he's not working for youit's not wasting your money the secondsecret is about anti wrinkle creams outshots Bart spent 12 weeks comparingdifferent creams and here's a video ofsome of the extensive teststhat you did and if you can't walk methrough what you found well we had 80subjects and we tested these creams for12 weeks which is about the time framethat the advertisements say they'regonna work and what we found is wetested creams from $8 and we in the pastwe've tested creams as much as $400 andwhat we found is spending more doesn'tnecessarily get you better results this16 dollar cream from Garnier was our toptested cream in our last test but youmight get good results in terms of itplumps up the skin it's gonna make thosefine lines less noticeable the studiesyou did the women actually perceivedifferences yes absolutely but onlyabout half of them I got to say path thewomen are happy with a $16 cream I thinkyou're probably worth tryingokay the next secret is about cleanserswith acids peptides and vitamins no whatwhat's the secret here these thingsreally work well you know cleansers areonly on your skin for like 30 seconds sowhatever is in those cleansers isn'tgoing to really penetrate or make adifference so if you're gonna spendmoney don't spend it on a cleanser putthat money into a good moisturizer withthose ingredients ah but one thing thatyou should think about um is getting acleanser that is right for your skin forexample if you have dry skin you don'twant to get a cleanser with harshingredients that might actually irritateyour skin by the way this is a cleanserthat did well in our test the so theseOlay cleansing cloths they're only sevendollars and they did just as well asproducts that were a lot more expensivein our tests I counted these up by that33 these in a box is that right yepexactly it's bad take them home with younot bad at all thank youand the next secret is about scareliminators now who's tried scarlaminators yeah but a third of theaudience probably so what's the secretabout scar eliminatorswell they don't work basically cuz youcan't turn scar tissue back to regularskin that's the problem you might beable to get some redness reduced byusing these products but you're notgonna get a scar to turn back to regularski let me show you now to make sure toexplain why it's nearly impossible toreverse a scar just with using one ofthese cosmetic products let's say you'reworking in the kitchen you cutting someonions and you've mistakenly make alittle cut in your finger what reallyhappens in there well as those skinedges come apart your body secretesfluids white blood cells all thesedifferent elements come together toprovide a nutrient base in that scabfor collagen to grow collagen is likeropes they wind around each other and asthey grow through there they actuallyliterally like Brooks pull together theskin it's tough stuff it changes colorsometimes and get certainly raised aswell doesn't have the right amount ofmelanin can become this big you knowunattractive element but you can't turnthat back thousands of years ofevolution just with a cosmetic cream sowhat do you recommendtalk to your dermatologist and find outabout laser treatments or even plasticsurgery that might be able to help youyeah all right you go to dr. oz come tofind the recommendations from shop smartmagazine I'm saving the best for last myfavorite anti-aging secret from thegrocery store they can help you lookyears younger what could it be fine

These ancient anti-aging secrets are all natural and affordable. Tried and true for thousands of years, these tips can help you look up to 5 years younger.

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