Anti aging eye serum

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today I'm making an anti-aging under eyeserum I start with 1 TSP of vitamin Eand 2 teaspoons of rose hip seed oil Ilike using a dropper because I find itto be much easier to put these liquidsthat are a little thicker then through afunnel next I add all my essential oilsit's 4 drops of lavender 3 drops ofsandalwood 2 drops of geranium 3 dropsof Clary sage and 2 drops of rose onceI'm done with that I fill the remainderof the 10 milliliter roller bottle withalmond oil now you simply shake it up tomix and then you can roll it gently onyour skin and you're finishedyouyou

This anti-aging eye serum goes on smooth and absorbs into your skin fast and the roller bottle allows for a very gentle application to the delicate skin of our under eye. After washing your face apply the anti-aging serum under your eyes by rolling the roller ball gently for 2-3 passes.

No products available.

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