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hello beautiful people I'm sure they'drather than and welcome back to myyoutube channel the winter months havebeen brutal and my skin has taken quitea beating but I have had some help withsome of my favorite products for thewinter and I'm gonna share them with youthis has really helped me survivebecause my skin usually is like like araisin but I'm gonna share with you aton of different skin care products thatI been using an alternating justdepending on how to feel let's getstarted the first product I have for youguys is by a company called grace andtonic I actually had this on my skincarevideo for my favorite products that I'vebeen using overall these are just theones that I've been using that are themost hydrating so I'm gonna go througheach brand and every product that I'vebeen using from that brand grace andtonic this is the botanical beauty Ihave the moisturizer here the moisturecream and the eye serum the moisturizeris super hydrating but light so I usethis more during the daytime it's gotmango butter aloe and rosehip oil in itit smells like the tropics so smoothiewhich I actually enjoy because it's anice little escape fromwinterthe eye serum a little bit goes a longway kind of talks about that a littlebit in the video that I did like I doone swipe and it's enough for like justmy entire under-eye so I just go aheadand put it on my bone here and just Patit on in and it really helps plump up myeyes especially if I have work in themorning or an early start I actuallyleave this in the fridge and use it whenI get up in the morning because I likethe coolness that it has this also hasgreen tea in it so that's going to helpa lot with like the caffeine to helpdeep puff any puffiness under your eyesokay the next brand I'm going to talkabout is eminence eminence is a brandthat I genuinely love because for onethey're very transparent was like theingredients that they use and all oftheir stuff like smells so organic whichis very important to me like I feel likeI'm I'm getting the fruit on my face andalso it's like whatever for everyproducts that you purchase they plant atree so they're like helping earth thehelping mother nature and I love thatthis is the apricot kandula and thatnourishing cream with apricot andcandala this is great for people whohave very dry sensitive skin like what Ido because I think it's very very thicka little bit goes a long way it smellsincredible like it smells like the fruitit smells like apricotso if you're not a fan of apricot thisprobably isn't for you because you'regoing to get the fruit it's also infusedwith antioxidants so it's gonna helprejuvenate your skin make you have likea very beautiful plump it's like I feellike it's like my emergency cut becauseit's got the long crossthis is going to help you withelasticity if you have fine lines andthat kind of stuff so definitely I havea few things from eminence actually letme just like show you here like look atthis so I'm going to talk about the twomasks that we've got this is thestrawberry-rhubarb mask and this is thechocolate mousse hydration but oh jeezoh God okay we're goodI saved it good they smell so much likeif you're on a diet you don't want theseproducts because this strawberry smellslike strawberries it smells likestrawberry whipped cream it's prettythick like you can see like it's notrunning out which is great you mix alittle bit of this with water and youjust apply a very thin layer onto yourface and my skin felt like brand-newwhen I took it off and very moisturizevery softit also has hyaluronic acid in it whichis always a yes for me the chocolatehydrating mask I like as well so thickhere and it smells like chocolate it'sso good next I have a missed by that myeminence is the stonecrop hydrating mistthis mist has been like my best friendfirst of all every product from M&Ssmells incredible and you can actuallyuse this hydrating mask as a mist and atoner which I love so I sometimes put iton a cotton pad and I just kind of likelike my entire face before it from amoisturizer or like heading out the doorand just you like a texture refresherright before I leave I spread some of itall and it and it helps with acne so ifyour have like hormonal breakouts it'sgoing to help calm that downdaily I like the suit man I could neversee this murderSally CITIC salicylic acid I think I'msaying this right please don't lookcorrect me if I'm not but that's gonnahelp remove any dirt impurities fromyour skin and what it does is that itjust dry your skin out while it's doingthat it's just gonna help give it like ayouthful glow afterwards so it's greatfor acne the next the next one is thecalm skin chamomile cleanserI use this every morning actually itjust helps soften up my skin in themorning doesn't strip especially sincelike you're going to bed and when youwake up in the morning like you've got aton of dirt on your face so the keyingredients in here is chamomilecalendula oil sunflower oil or anikagrape leaf extract and bio complex 2 andit's organic natural sustainablecruelty-free like it's freaking amazingit actually contains sunflower oils soif you suffer from any redness on yourface as well this is gonna help subsidethat so I recommend this and you willdiscuss on today's yeah for sure okaynext is from a fianc this is like myfavorite body lotion right now when Igot out of the shower I use this allover it is friggin amazinga little bit goes a long way okay it'sgot like it is so thick but then it'snot oily which I love it just leaveslike a really really like duly it makesmy skin look so radiant and like youknow sometimes when you like moisturizeyour skin and then an outer and keptlike moisturize again and because themoisturizer that you use didn't monstereyes properly yeah this one doesn'twhich I love so keeps me hydrated allthroughout the winter then I have the Fbeyonds nourishing cream in this bad boyis so cool because it's almost got likea water base to itbecause I give you like when you youcan't really like dig in your fingerinto it which I like also you kind oflike glide your finger over it you getjust enough on there it is so rich likeyou need a dime size to go all over yourface I use this at night before I go tosleep one of the things about this isreally great it's got it it containsfruit extracts and peptides which aregreat because it's going to helpstimulate your skin and we generated tothat weight it continually has I useglow to it and make your skin have avery even complexion the next brand thatI have is for votary this is the ISISbook very high things in my skincarevideo about this this is the super seedfacial oil and this is the cleansing oilI use this I use the cleansing oil whenI get home from work and I just a littlebit goes a long way this is a verypotent oil so you want to just kind oflike put it all over your face and thenI use it actually comes with a towelI'll show you comes with a little towelhere when you purchase it and you justdamp like I dampen it and put it over myface to know I can just kind of likedecompress after a long day and thenslowly like take my makeup off heatcleansing oil kinds of fragrance but thesuper seat oil doesn't have a fragrancethey contain 22oils which is insane to me and a littlebit a little bit goes a long way so itis on the pricier and but I love thebrand and I love you know where it comesfrom and just having very organicproducts ingredients in the next one isby Obagi and it this is the glycerin 20%skin protectant therapeutic moisturizerthis contains glycerin and glycerin isgreat for just kind of retaining thatmoisture into your skin it's gonna holdon to any water that's already in yourskin so that way it doesn't evaporate sothis contains 20% glycerin which isamazing I use this also during thedaytime before I go to work beforefrisking my sunscreen on it just kind ofhelps lock in a lot of the otherproducts that I've been using as wellthe last product that I have for youguys I genuinely genuinely genuinelylove this product because I use this atnight as wellI suffer from anxiety so I like to use alot of essential oils in my everydaylife and this product actually has alittle bit of both so this is themidnight shift overnight facial elf forhydrated radiance it's vegan crueltyfreeit's got no fillers synthetic fragrancesand it says you feel sleep better whichI don't have a sleep butter but it doeshelp ease my my anxiety a little bit andjust kind of setting the mood right forwhatit is so this smells like lavender likeactual lavender substantial oils you Iuse a dime size of itand then just kind of like put it in myhair and two little drops and warm it inmy hands for a little bit so I just rubmy hands together let it go and then itjust didn't heal it and then put it allover my face and I feel so much calmerand they usually have lavender like torock the house but um it's nice to justhave it into products that I can useevery single day those are just few ofmy favorite products guys I hope thatyou guys enjoyed if you want a littlebit more of a detailed explanation oneach product please let me know writesome comments down below let's have aconversation if you like this video besure to give me a thumbs up be sure tosubscribe so that we can keep in touchand until then I'll see you next timesee ya

List of all the products in my Winter Skincare Favorites

1. Grace + Tonic Botanical Facial Moisturizer Cream – https://tinyurl.com/y4b4cvpq

2. Grace + Tonic Botani Anti-aging Eye Serum – https://tinyurl.com/yypxatvh

3. Eminence Apricot Calendula Nourishing Cream – https://tinyurl.com/y5aknjbp

4. Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Masque – https://tinyurl.com/yyrma4gy

5. Eminence Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque – https://tinyurl.com/yyojklaz

6. Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist – https://tinyurl.com/y27qj7os

7. Eminence Calm Skin Chamomile Cleanser – https://tinyurl.com/y6syhk8y

8. Epionce Enriched Body Cream – https://tinyurl.com/yxqdp2hu

9. Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream – https://tinyurl.com/y5kdxyxa

10. Votary Superseed Facial Oil – https://tinyurl.com/y2snxu6o

11. Votary Cleansing Oil – https://tinyurl.com/yyl7mj47

12. Obagi Therapeutic Moisturizer – https://tinyurl.com/y3wf3zvb

13. Midnight Shift Facial Oil – https://tinyurl.com/y3xcp35y

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