Tight Eye Anti Aging Serum Review!

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[Applause][Music]aging anti-aging to be exactI am a thirtysomething year-old who isrecently experiencing mild changes to myface over a short period of time andhave been looking to explore options formy skin that were safe and effective atthe same time without using harshchemicals so there is a youtuber hername is Monique parent and she is thisabsolutely stunning 52 year old modelactress from California and she haschannel which I will link below andshe's been using this product line itlooks like for some time now and I meanher face is like gorgeous okay but whatI want to say is that if you are 20 youshould not be using this product thisproduct is not designed for women andgirls in their 20s or their teens whichget into in a different video I guess umit is designed for those who arenoticing visible changes in their skinnew lines but it has immediate resultsbut not just immediate results butcumulative so continuous usage of thisproduct will give you better skin downthe road so I've know that we've seen alot of those product lines that have theimmediate result but then you wipe itoff and the result is gone or lost for afew hours or whatever the case may bethis product is not that and it iscalled tight eye comes in this containerhere and tight eyeis a clinical anti-aging serum for theeyes there is another one called tightneck which I did not purchase these arenot really that inexpensive this is $70but I was able to get a 25% off code andI guess that's something they do all thetime it's one of those deals so it waslike fifty something dollars so what itdoes it reduces the appearance of lineswrinkles and crows feet tightens andsmooth skin around the eyes a patentedformula of vitamin C and hyaluronic acidwith visible results in five minutes forbest results use daily it is all skintype safe targeted adaptive anti-agingtechnology with 30 day money-backguarantee this revolutionary productutilizes technology developed by a topMIT physicist and is used by theHollywood elite directions are to applya small amount of dime-sized under eacheye and on crow's feet after 5 minuteswash off gently with a wet towel forbest results use daily suitable forsensitive eyes and contact lens wearersokay so I only use one pump I did notrealize I should use two pumps so nowI'm mad because they've been using itfor two weeks and I've been using twopumps or one pump it's not Minnesota toobut what I will tell you is even thoughI do not have wrinkles I don't I havethe lines I was born with I have the UMI have a hooded eyelid so I get thatlike crease in my eyelid and I have hadlike I want to call them hooded undereyelids I guess for my whole life Idon't have real signs of aging yet and Iattribute that to me staying out of theSun as a teenager and as a 20 year oldthat was really I don't think it wouldbe like this now if I spent a lot oftime in the Sun so I do attributeof my ability to slow down my agingprocess by using by avoiding theseelements okay but I now I'm starting tosee a little change but because this iscumulative I said well I don't need itto like erase issues but I do need itfor preventative reasons so that's why Ipurchased it Monique is 52 and she isstunning I mean she swears by thisproduct and there is visible resultsthere are visible results on her shelike she used this on her video and Iwas like oh my god that is some realstuff there so what's crazy is you don'tleave this on you're gonna squirt yourmic I'm not gonna do it because it's notcheap so you get 1.1 ounces it comes outlike a gel like a clear gel and you wipeit in your hands and then what I did isI just went around my eyes like this itdoesn't says do not Pat it you rubaround and then I put it on this areahere now when you put it on what you dosee is you look worse at first okay youstart your eyes you feel a shrinkingfeeling that you feel pulling you don'tfeel any tingling burning or anythinglike that but you do see a change rightso then you're like oh my god what'sgoing on after you rinse your eyes offyou have no product left on your eyesbut the problems working while you'reputting on your moisturizer and yourserums and your makeup and whatever elseyou're putting on your cosmetics don'taffect the effectiveness of this productwhich I find fascinating since most ofthe products out there that areinstantly ageless type products youwould tap on and then leave and then hadto put all your garbage over it rightwell most of time those things leavelike a chalky finish orbreak up because you're putting onproducts on top of it I mean I'm puttingoils over those serums over thismoisturizer over this fullering productsover this pore Perfector products overthis foundation the whole nine okay soI'm gonna link this at the bottom of thescreen they have a 25% discount almostall the time I bought this it wasoriginally $70 and I paid fiftysomething for it that's not even thatbad not like that's not that bad but umI thought it was incredible and I thinkeven for me for someone who doesn't haveserious problems at the moment this isgonna be great for anyone older than methis is going to work out great for youso I'm going to suggest you pick this upit is made by a company called scienceserum and this is the card they sent meand I will leave their information inthe bottom also and there is anotherproduct and they called tight neck thatone I'm going to get definitely going toget that one because this is where youreally can tell how old somebody is thisthis will give it away so guys I hopethat you go out and buy this because Ithink it's gonna be a major hit and ifthis works as well as it has been forpast two weeks I mean like I said Idon't have a ton of lines my face so I'mnot seeing I see reduction around my liparea because I have like this one youguys are like really talking about Ihave this one line on my face that isprominent to me and that I see all thetime and it's just because it's melooking at it but I'm telling you like Imean it doesn't look anywhere near asbad as it normally does so with thatsaid please check this out check outMonique's channel and I will see youguys next time with my March favoritesand I'll talk to you soon

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Monique Parent

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