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The BEST Anti-Aging / Anti-Oxidant Serum! (Expert Tips!)

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hey everybody welcome back Rachel Vargahere and fast ascetic nurse helpingthousands of clients from all over theworld since 2011 I'm here to talk aboutwhat is the best facial anti-aging serumlet's dive straight into it if youhaven't already seen my video on thedifference between over-the-counterskincare versus medical grade skincarethat's really important because I talkabout the science of concentration ofantioxidants the stability of thingslike vitamin C which is often found inan antioxidant serum and deliverymechanism so go check that out if youhaven't alreadyalright let's dive straight into some ofthe common questions that I'm askedabout vitamin serums or antioxidantserums well antioxidants and vitaminsare actually the same thingantioxidants are little molecules thatbind to free radicals in the skin freeradicals are formed during our metabolicprocesses and also free radicals areformed on the skin from things likepollution and UV damage so what exactlydoes an antioxidant do it helps tocombat that free radical damage whichcauses things like fine lines andwrinkles by way of collagen and elastinreduction causes pigmentation and laxityand sagging to the skin antioxidants inthe form of a serum can be reallyhelpful to actually add a little bit ofa hydration boost to your moisturizer sosay you're using a really good cleansermoisturizer and sunscreen that I'verecommended for you and you just feellike you want to bump up your hydrationlevel adding a serum is a great way todo that and it also gives you a higherdose of something like a vitamin C intoyour repertoireand that will give you actually an addedalmost like an SPF protection you cannever have too much protection againstUV damage and pollution the lastconference I attended in Toronto wediscussed the research that's now comingforth about the impact of blue lightfrom our handheld devices and ourcomputers and all that stuff on our skinblue light is a form of light photodamage and we're finding that it doescreate a loss of elastin and collagenand cause things like brown spots on theskin so using an antioxidant during thedaytime is really helpful that's usuallywhen you use an antioxidant serum isright after your cleansing step and Ilike to do it actually before with myeye cream on and then I do mymoisturizer and then my sunscreenantioxidant serums or facial serums orvitamin serums usually contain thingslike a vitamin C or a vitamin E ordifferent types of acids like hyaluronicacid is a really common one and evenrespira trial is a common antioxidant insome skincare also another type ofvitamin is vitamin A which can be knownas retinoic acid retinaldehyde orbasically a retinol if you will and mostpeople know like what a retinol is andthat's a serum that you use only atnighttime because that type of vitamin Ain particular can cause photosensitivityso you never wear it during the daybecause it can actually make your skinworks so you do need to be properlyguided by someone like myself who's anexpert in skincare and cosmeticdermatology to make sure that you'remaximizing what you're doing to yourskin and you're not actually makingmatters worse one thing to know aboutantioxidant serums is that things likevitamin C can actually go rancid andbecome a free-radical we don't want thatso when you want to be using vitamin Cproducts that are stable and that aregoing to be feeding and nourishing theskin a serum is almost like adding amultivitamin to your skincare routine itjust kind of gives you extraaction one question I'm asked all thetime about serums is what's the bestserum for my skin well it depends ifyour acne prone you want to hold off onthe vitamin E serums if you're reallysensitive you might want to actuallyhold off on the vitamin A serums a serumthat I like to use because I'm a littlebit acne prone is a serum that usessalicylic acid that gives my skin alittle bit of a steady dose so thatsalicylic acid which helps to preventthings like acne and breakouts the serumthat I use which I'll include in theshow notes is a serum is specificallydesigned for acneic skin like mine so ithas a little bit of vitamin C and it hasa little bit of salicylic acid and otheragents to fight inflammation so one ofthe most annoying things about gettingbreakouts when you're 20 and 30 up isthat those red spots will actually stickaround for a while and those little redspots you know even though the breakoutsgone can be really annoying so differentthings that you add to your skincareroutine can actually really help withthat another question I'm often askedabout serums is when do I use it likewhat type of season when do I use itmore in the winter or joys and more inthe summer I personally like to use acnebalancing serums all throughout the yearif you have more sensitive or rosaceaprone skin you might actually want toadd a hydrating serum with somethinglike vitamin C or E in it in the wintermonths if your moisturizer that you loveisn't quite doing the job for you andyou're still feeling a little bit drythe next question I'm commonly asked iswell how much how many how much my serumdo I use and when do I apply it well youcleanse first then you do your serumthen your eye cream then yourmoisturizer then your sunscreen on yourmakeup it sounds like a lot all at oncebut it is actually really what it takesto get healthy skinespecially as you age something youmight be able to get away with in your20s isn't gonna work for you in your 60sand what you do it at a younger age andstage in your life will really set youup for aging well in the future big timehow much serum should you be using isbasically kind of like a teaspoon oreven a little bit less than that youshouldn't be using a lot of serum andyou don't use a serum in replacement ofa moisturizer because the serum comes into really kind of like thin thinner thana gel like consistency and it's notreally going to provide enough hydrationcompared to say a cream would if youhave really dry sensitive rosacea proneskin the average cost for really goodmedical grade anti-aging antioxidantanti-acne serum ranges from about $70 toabout $200 there are lots of serums outthere that are more than $200 but you'veheard me say this before I really don'tthink that you need to spend more than$200 on any skin care product I justthink that's absolutely crazy I workwith some of the most exclusive mouthsgreat products in the world and that arebacked by research and a lot of themhave a really great products for under$200 so if you are saying at your malland in the department store or at thebeauty counter in one of your favoritebeauty stores and you see products forover that be really aware that thosearen't medical grade and they aren'tbacked by research they're probably kindof more like Beauty gimmicks so justdon't buy into them so that's it that'sreally all that you need to know aboutantioxidant serums hydrating serums acneserums how much you use when to use themwhat the different types are and Ireally hope that this video was helpfulfor you I'd love to hear from you in thecomment section down below what youlearned from this and what actionablesteps you're going to take in yourskincare now that you've learned allabout antioxidant serums continue theconversation over at Rachael Vargo CAwhere I have a ton of free resources youcan access my podcast you can access myPinterest on there and have a reallygreat newsletter that like I mentionedwhen I wasthat conference in Toronto recently andI learned about the blue light I droplittle things like that in my newsletterthat I don't always share on socialmedia and I keep it a little bit morepersonal so it's kind of fun to join thethe action with me there if you willthanks so much and I look forward toseeing you in the next episodeyou

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The BEST Anti-Aging / Anti-Oxidant Serum! (Expert Tips!)

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