Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer, Booster Serum and Eye Cream

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have reminded my name is Svetlana andwelcome back to my channel in today'svideo I wanted to review for you juicebeauty it's a stem-cell er anti-wrinklesolutions care it has booster serum eyetreatment and moisturizer I do reallylike to go with the kids especially whenI'm trying a new line from differentbrands because first of all I don't wantto spend a lot of money on the foodproduct if I'm not going to like it andI want to try this way as many productsas possible and I feel like with thekids you get a lot better deal I decidedthis time to go with the anti wrinklebecause this line focuses on reducingappearance of fine lines and wrinklesand it is good for all skin types butspecifically beneficial for the skinthat's starting to show any signs ofaging and I am in my thirties I havebeen noticing you know changes in myskin I have noticed the fine lines andwrinkles you know here and there and Ijust wanted to prevent it as much aspossible I'm going to stay looking goodas long as possible and to have as lessof wrinkles as possible as well one ofthe reasons why I decided to go with thejuice beauty and I wanted to try thisbrand is because it's organic they notdoing any animal testing they also don'tinclude any parabens phthalates sulfatesor any synthetic fragrances and a lotmore different things that harmful foryour skin and your body like witheverything going around you know thepollution the different products that weuse and we apply on our skins and ourbody it is harmful in the ways I'm notsaying that I'm going completely organicand vegan ever since I started toinclude a lot more vegan and organicstuff in my lifestyle whether it's dietwhether it's skincare on makeup I havenoticed a huge difference in my skin andmy overall health you know my hair mynails everything feels so much betterand I do want to include as much organicand clean products as possible but I'mnot gonna go completely vegan andorganic I feel like sometimesit's almost impossible and with somestuff is just not very necessary thefirst product is booster serum and it'svery light gel like consistency and I'mgoing to mention that I do use thisproducts mostly in the morning because Ido like to include retinol and at nightand I don't want to mix retinol with anyof these products except my eye cream Iuse that one in the morning and at nightso as i already said it's verylightweight this is the first step thatI do after I cleanse my face I don'tfeel it it absorbs super super quicklyit's really interesting all of theseproducts absorb super super quickly andall of them are very hydrating verymoisturizing especially right now it's awinter time and my skin a little bitmore on the drier side I've been lovingit so much it smells really good itsmells like lemons more citrusy and Ireally really like the smell of this oneas well this serum provides essentialfatty acids and that also has plannedarrived a health Aaronic acid forplumping moisture into your skin and asi already said it's very lightweight andthis is the first step that I do thenext step I apply this eye treatment Iwill show you a picture from the back ofthe package this is before and this isafter I'm not even lying after I've usedthis eye treatment three times I startedto notice such a huge difference in myunder eye area I do not have them anywrinkles I do not have them any finelines but my under eye area is horribleI this is one part of my face that Ireally really don't like and I'm tryingto hide it as much as possible I feellike and maybe it's mostly in my head Ido pay a lot of attention I have beentrying tons of eye creams and eyetreatment I feel like this product ismagical it's so hydrating it's so richand I do like the applicator but I don'tuse this applicator when I have watchtheir video they use so much product andI feel like the under eye area is not asbig you know this is not the biggestpart of your face so what I do actuallydo half a pump and then I apply it on myfinger and then I just gently appliedaround my eyes it stays on all day myunder eye area I feel like it stays veryvery hydrated I have been noticing thefine lines right in this area beendisappearing and it's very magicalmiracle like product because I haven'tnoticed this much difference with anyother eye treatments and as I alreadysaid I've used tons of different eyetreatments the next one and this is thelast one and it's a moisturizer and I doapply this moisturizer after I apply mybooster serum and the eye treatment andthat's what comes the last part it doeshave a nice application you don't diginto the product you just pump it rightin here just a little bit I'm not goingto do it right now but you can open justlike that if you want it and it smellsso delicious oh my goodnessthis product is extremely rich and asyou apply it for the first time it feelslike it's gonna leave this greasy oilyfeeling on your skin but it absorbs soquickly and as it absorbs to your skinit doesn't leave it dry it lives it veryvery hydrating and moisturizing and Ilove it I have been enjoying thisproduct so much it makes my skin lookvery luminous and just super beautifulit feels like I don't have any finelines I don't have any wrinkles you knowI don't have any signs of aging oranything like that now I'm going to readto you some of the ingredients that allof these products have because I put iton all of them on the list becausethere's tons of them tons of greatingredients and I did not include all ofthem but I just wanted you to see whatsome of the ingredients so it's organicapple juice organic white grape juiceorganic lemon juiceit also hasI use jojoba and she butter for themoisture then sunflower seed oil applegrape and lemon cell culture extract andit also has vitamins like EC B plus anda lot more different ingredients themost important for me is what all ofthese products have done for my skin andhow much I actually did enjoy all overthe product is the one that I amimpressed the most with is the eyetreatment I have tried tons of differentproducts for my under eye area and I'malways looking for this magical solutionyou know that going to remove completelymy under eye wrinkles and fine lines andhave already seen such huge differencewith my under eye area I did have areally great experience with this brandand if you have been using any of thejuice beauty products and if you've beenenjoying some of them if you dorecommend some of the products pleaselet me know I will be more than happy totry them out as well that's it for thisvideo guys if you liked it make sure togive me a thumbs up don't forget tosubscribe to my channel for my weeklyvideos thank you so much for watchingand I'll say next one bye bye[Music][Music]

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Hey Everyone! I’m super impressed with Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Solutions Kit! It’s organic skincare, they are against animal testing, and the ingredients list is very impressive. I’m completely in love with eye treatment. My under eye area is very dry, and i have thin skin so i have more fine lines then i wish for. This eye treatment is so hydrating and moisturizing, the best one i was able to find so far!


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