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all right this is the LAV skin advancedage-defying IGEL says it's one halfounce and the same type of bottle astheir other products I'm gonna cheat andtake the plastic seal off this way youcan see the gel now you can see it's anice gel you can get at it as it getsdown low so you're not dependent uponthe top the bump part let's take thisoff like their other products you pumpthis so you can feel some resistancethen you know it's coming out it's readyto come out there you go nice clear geland let's give it a shotit does say to wait five minutes beforeapplying any other creams it's odorlessI have no stinging sensation so that'sniceit is slowly absorbing and the proof wasin the pudding we'll give it a shot nowthis is the kind of product that youcan't just run out and tell you whetheror not it works the very next day yougot to give it a chance but it does havea nice pump mechanism in you can open itup to get the last of bits that are downinside there so you're not wasting theproduct it does contain collagen here'sa little bit of info about one of thethings that makes these creams work ornotthink of the hyaluronic acid as goldpieces and sodium hyaluronic as platinumpieces they're both great to have butone is better than the other and youneed at least one of them for thesecreams to work hyaluronic acid remainstopically on your skin it plumps but itis not absorbed sodium high illuminateon the other hand has a much lowermolecular size which lets it penetratethe skin when applied topically sodiumhigh illuminate can hold more than athousand times its weight in water thishydrating property makes it an excellentmoisturizing ingredient it not onlyhydrate skin but also helps to reducewater loss the result of sodium highilluminateis a slight temporary swelling of theskin that will help to minimize theappearance of wrinkles and fine lineswhile this cream does not contain sodiumhyaluronate the hyaluronic acid in itdoes help on its own but I do wish thiscream also contained sodium hyaluronateas well as the hyaluronic acid if youhave any comments or questions pleasefeel free to leave them below otherwisethanks for watching and have a great day

LIV-skin Anti Aging Serum Eye Gel Cream
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WAVE DARK CIRCLES & PUFFINESS GOODBYE: You can go on and forget all about wrinkles, dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, and the like. The Dr. Approved Anti Aging will take care of everything, revitalize your skin, remove all signs of tiredness, and give you your youthful glow back!
POTENT ANTI-AGING FORMULA: In order to maximize this exceptional eye gel’s benefits and effects, we’ve packed it with organic hyaluronic acid, collagen, green tea extract, aloe vera, amino acids, seaweed extract, algae extract, vitamin E, antioxidants and anti-ageing agents. Not only does it make fine lines and crow’s feet fade away, it also deeply moisturizes and nurtures your sensitive skin!
PREMIUM QUALITY MADE IN USA: When it comes to our eye gel and other beauty and skin care products, we make a point of using nothing but the finest ingredients, as well as state-of-the-art production processes and strict quality control! They contain no parabens or other harmful ingredients, and are PETA-friendly and cruelty free!
PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Premature aging and fatigue is something anyone can be affected by, so it doesn’t matter whether your skin is oily, dry, or too sensitive. This anti- aging eye gel is specially formulated to be suitable for all skin types, both for men and women!
100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: At LIV-skin, we have great faith in our Dr. Approved Anti Aging Eye Gel. After all, many of us use it ourselves! If, however, the gel you receive happens to falls short of your expectations, don’t hesitate to contact us and benefit from our money back guarantee!

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