The Ultimate DIY Eye Serum / Elixir (Anti-aging & gets rid of puffiness and dark circles)

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[Music]hi guys so I want to share with you aDIY eye serum I like to call this theultimate eye elixir it's just amazingfor your eyes it's really anti-aging itgets rid of fine lines and wrinklesreduces them a lot and if you don't havefine lines and wrinkles on your eyes itwill kind of slow down you on set it'sgood for eye puffiness it's good fordark circles it's just amazing it's allnatural and it's really inexpensive butI'm not really going to go into detailabout what each ingredient does if youwant to know then you can read thearticle on the river I've explainedeverything in in great detail and it isactually quite you know interesting toknow what each ingredient is doing onyour skin because maybe then you even bemore confident that this will work onyour skin but I can tell you it isamazing I do use in am eyes I don't useit every single day but when you arekind of starting out you are gonna wannause it every day I kind of use itmaybe two or three times a week that'sme that aloud to you so what you need toneed it is these three oils I'm you cansweet almond oil - thank you castor oiland you're going to need cod liver oilor salmon oil whichever okay and you'regoing to need about two and a half tofive moles of each two and a half tofive milliliters of each oil just gonnamix them up and store them in a verysmall sterilized a tight container andpopping pop it in the fridge okayevery time you frame to me to use it youjust take it out and dab it gently Iarea I prefer to do this before I go tobed after I clean my face and before Iput on my moisturizer and then I cansleep you can get to work and I can washit off the next day and kind of get onwith my daily routine so I suggest thatyou do it in the evening and just go tobed I need it do its thing but it reallyis good its moist rising and relaxationso if you're looking for somethinginexpensive this is it and maybe youalready have these oils anyhow becausethere are quite popular ones variousreasons but if you don't the nice partabout these oils ously have certainlythese are big uses that's you know amain you know you don't have to just buythem for your eye serum okay and if youwant to learn how to use these oils justkeep funding my blog because I will beputting up articles on these individualingredients ingredients and why they arereally nice to keep in your home ok sothat's basically it if you try this outlet me know how it went for youand now don't be afraid to commentand subscribe if you find thisinteresting thanks for watching guys Iwill[Music]you[Music]

An excellent and inexpensive, all-natural 3-ingredient DIY Eye Serum that tackles multiple eye skin issues including dry skin, wrinkles, elasticity, puffiness and dark circles.

Learn how to make the serum in this video, and if you’d like you can read the article on my blog for a more indepth look at what each ingredient does on your skin and why these ingredients are so effective:

The Ultimate DIY Eye Elixir

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