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oh so I want to talk to you today aboutthis little baby this is called ourgenius device this thing is awesomesauce so what it is is an ultrasound andit helps to get the product into yourskin it helps to work the product intoyour skin so it can work that muchbetter it is when you turn it on it haslittle you know sound waves and so ithas three settings one two three fourheat it can get warmer cooler howeveryou likeit comes with a charger and you cancharge it just like let's see let megrab itit's got can hook into your little phonecharger and charge and this this thingis so awesome you can use it anywhere onyour body with lotion anything I like touse it with the serum because the serumis so good at restoring your skin so ifyou just put a little bit of serum onand then turn this on and you can put iton I kind of do it in the middle itdepends and then just it turn it goesfor a minute and then it turns off allby itself after one minute so then youkind of know how long you use itotherwise you'll just be like this andthink you haven't used it long enough oruse it way too much so I do it usuallylike if I'm watching a movie orsomething or just relaxing I'll justtake this with me and leave it you knowjust work out well I'm just laying thereby my bed reading or whatever it kind ofpauses to half way through so you knowin 30 seconds is so if you wanted to do30 seconds 30 seconds I try to do aminute a minute a minute and then aminute on my neck I also do the back ofmy hands and kind of go up my arm alittle I'm telling you you can use itanywhere I have some firmingbut affirming body cream I've beenputting it on my stretch marks on mystomach and I've been doing that onthere hopefully that will help a littlebit not but anybody's gonna see it butme and my husband but still anyways thisworks great it works great and you cantellafter a minute from using it you can seethe results how it's like relaxed yourskin so um you can ask me how to getthis for $99 otherwise the regular priceis I'm not sure it's like 2 somethingI'm pretty sure sorry I don't have thatin front of me uh it's a lot but umpreferred clients and independentconsultants you can get this for 99bucks with a qualifying order and it'sworth it it's gonna last me for years itcome in a great little box and you canalso buy a little travel bag that itfits in perfect to take everywhere yougo with you I also use it with the eyecream which like I said in one of myother videos it runs in my family tohave this drippy down you know extraeyelid stuff stretching out so I justvery gently work the eye cream into myeye and I'm seeing results so you coulduse it like this on both sides like Isaid this is a wonderful little tool toadd to your regimen so there you knowthat there's another demo I hope you'rehaving an amazing day you have anyquestions just ask me I'll try to getI'll do my best to get them answered foryou talk to you later

🌿 Arbonne Genius Ultra Device also known as the wrinkle iron. This ultrasound sound device will work wonders on your skin. Use it on wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, etc. It’s Genius!!

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