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hey guys it's michelle i decided to stepoutside my comfort zone again and doanother get ready with me if you know mevery long you know how uncomfortablethis is for me to be on video with nomakeup on but here's what it is and iwas just feeling a little brave today soi thought i would do this with you guysjust got out of shower and my hair isweti had a job interview earlier today butthen it came home and took anothershower cuz I just I don't know it's justgross outside and sometimes two showersa day won't kill me so anyway I am stilltrying out this a luminous eye and thisis called Billy R skin I told you guys Itry this for 30 30 days and see how Ilike it so you start with this theluminous I use my ring fingers and tapthis in around the orbital bone that'swhat it's called always use your ringfinger around your eyes and Pat don'trub because he needs extra wrinklesright doesn't matter what age you are Ithink I started doing kind of a normalmakeup routine where I put moisturizerand stuff on when I was about I wouldsay 16 18 somewhere in there and I'mreally glad that I started young becauseit's never too early to start takingcare of your skin especially if you haveproblems with your skin so you know Istarted my daughter on skin care earlytaught her how to cleanse her face andmoisturize it keep it nice and clean andshe doesn't wear makeup often but whenshe does she knows how to remove itproperly she knows everything goes sonext I'm gonna put on the Bellaire skinnow so far I've been using this about aweek I guess it's nice and creamy um Idon't have any complaints about it itsmells really light kind of like soapand I just got it in my mouth that'sdelicious it's nice but I don't seewhere it's making any differencehonestly maybe you guys can tell me whenmy 30 days is up if my skin looks anysmoother I'll do another get ready withme or something where you can see mybare face you pretty much see it now I'm46 years old and I think I'm holding upokay I mean you know I've got somewrinkles I don't like I would like tohave the Botox that that's just not inthe part so like the Lottery's so it iswhat it is I should be grateful that Ihave skin rightthat was a dumb thing to say I don'tknow where that came from but anywayI've got the next thing is my eyeshadowprimer which is hard candy eyes thelimit I really really like this I thinkI'm gonna end up using this whole tubebefore I buy something else I hadsomething from Mac and I was using thatbut that's all goneso I've been using this pretty regularlyand how it's just a really light youknow I see that light skin tint to itbut it blends in I don't know why theywould put a tent in this I think itshould be your white whatever but itdoesn't really show up once I get it onmy eye now if I had darker skin I don'tknow if it was show up or not so that'ssomething you may want to test out onyour own I don't think it comes inanother color but it sinks in so I don'tknow that you would be able to see it ona darker skin tone next I have my lipprimer which is also hard candy and itsays makeup all over it cuz it's been inmy makeup bag so I'm not gonna show itto you I'm so embarrassed did you guyshave stuff like that that you throwaround in your purse and your makeup bagand it's covered in as much makeup asyour faces it seems to be the case withme this tongue why do I try to talk inmy mouth was up and I've got my fingerin it that's just stupid go put the lipprimer around the edges in my lips aswell because I try to keep that areamoisturize I'm starting to get somelittle fine lines and wrinkles around mymouth because I smile a lot which isn'ta bad thing except that's causing finelines and wrinkles yeah you know it's abalance next I have my dr. Brandtneedles no more no more baggage whichI'm gonna put on my eyes I've been usingthose since I received did a couplemonths ago again using my ring fingerbecause it doesn't pull and tug like theother fingers to you just gonna Pat thatin right on the bone the heat from yourbody will allow the products or undereyes to kind of for lack of a betterword who's into your eyeball space ifyou put it too far up I have a goofiestway of saying things you guys should begetting used to that by now the nextthing I have is long way or primer shareindie buy hard candy and I probably justcompletely said that title backwards butum this also has a light skin tint to itbut it seems to blend pretty well Idon't know and again how it would showup on darker skin tones I'm just puttingit in my t-zone today because I reallydon't feel like I need it all over thethe Bellaire skin pretty much has myskin nice and moisturized and dampen soI'm gonna bother I'm gonna go throw onjust a little bit of this share and behydrating primer mist as well I likethis I like the smell of it and it feelsfresh and it kind of wakes up my thinkso I've been adding this as well andthat kind of takes up the area but Ididn't get the other primer all righthair starting to dry slowly um I thinktoday I'm probably gonna use my Emilyand its revolution pallets again becauseI'm really really fallen in love withthose but first I have to put on somefoundation and stuff this is the bye-byefoundation full coverage moisturizer SPF50 clinically tested hydrating an antiaging with 3d skin flecks by itcosmetics I love it cosmetics and noI've never had a problem with any oftheir stuff have tons and tons of theirbrushes which I love they're reallyreally nice do you guys have a favoritefor us from brush or do you just usewhatever you have I'm not that picky aslong as it's a good brush I'm not thatpicky on the brand I mean I've goteverything from its you pure to whatmild to just whatever I've been sentmost of them in subscription box doesthat purchase a few my husband bless hisheart went to buy a couple brushes forme from Ulta for Christmas I gave him alist of what I wanted and he came homeand he said Michelle I bought two ofthem because I could have bought twocoach purse or what I paid for thosebrushes I felt so bad for him because Ididn't worry my head of time how muchbrushes cost and I guess I should havelearned him a little bit but anyway Igot to see the shocked look on his faceit's kind of funny I think he bought mea lip brush and um some kind of anangled eyeshadow brush or something buthe was a little shocked at the price ofbrushes but I didn't think was that badI'm just I guess I'm used to it I don'tpay attention to it anymore alright nextI'm gonna put on some concealer this isthe hey honey trick and treat activepurple this cream concealer I got thisin an Ipsy bag a while back and I shouldprobably throw this away because it'sprobably like a year oldyeah supposed to you stuffed at all buta little there's a little tiny compactlooking picture on your a cup I thinkI've mentioned this before that showshow many months is good after it's openand this one says nine months so I'mabout two months later than I should beI probably should get rid of itoh well again padding that in with myring fingerI hope you guys are doing well I'mreally really enjoying reading yourcomments it makes my day when I get acomment you guys are so sweet and yousay with nicest things I reallyappreciate it you know sometimes when Igot the other day said that my voice wassoothing and I'm like oh I bet my kidswouldn't say yes I guarantee my kidswouldn't say that probably not myhusband either but it's it's nice thatyou guys bear with me and don't mindlistening to me ramble on because I'menjoying this I I enjoy it and let mekeep doing it until somebody tells me ofMichelle your crackpot you need toreally stop doing that you're stupid youknow I've seen worse videos and I'veseen much better videos but I am what Iam okay I've got my cody loose airspunpowder and I'm just gonna put this in myt-zone I'm not gonna put this all overjust a little bit something I learnedtoday when I was out in the Sun whichalways just horrified when I saw it wasthat I need to stop using my darkerhighlighter and readjust my bronzerissues because it's summertime I meansome time is over and we're going intofall and my skin is pretty much fadedtan is all going and I could clearly seethat was the wrong shade from here tohere I give you a little tip that Ilearned back when I was doing Mary Kayif you don't know what shade yourfoundation is I've heard people test onhand it's has to here to sit there nothat doesn't make any sensewhat you need to do is to take yourfoundation and from here to here youneed to test to stripping thatfoundation and see if it blends if youget a demarcation line which means itdoesn't match and you can tell adifference then it's not the right shadeit's that simple because you want yourface to match your neck doesn't do anygood for me to put my hand up here myhands a totally different color than myface so it's just a little tip I learnedI hope that helps you guys out so I'mnot gonna use my darker contour whichI've been using I'm going to use mybronzer as my contour now see if thathelps a little bit I was just mortifiedI'm like oh my god I look like some kindof pumpkin it wasn't that bad but stillI'm gonna use this this is the wet andwild color icon bronzer and ticket toBrazil I've already hit pan on two ofthese this summer and looks like I'mprobably gonna hit pan on this one aswell just darken up just a little bitsomebody told me also and I can't mywhat video it was and then someoneactually talkedyou told me to keep my bronzer or mycontour up a little higher on my cheeksince I'm getting older because it lookslike it drives your face down when youdo it a little lowerI've been trying them and I can kind ofsee that see a difference a little bitalong the sides of my nose because Ihave a big old schnoz and I cannot standmy nose so I know you can't tell becauseI've got the window open and thelighting is really really bad but thatactually shows up a lot better than whatI was using much much better match a lotbetter now that was so scary and bloodnobody was looking at me I'm justprobably making faces in the mirror Ialso sing in the car and I've been knownto sing pretty loud in the car makefaces in the car do whatever I have todo I don't pay attention he's around mealright this is my Milani blush bakedblush I love this this is in the shadeBella Bellini number 12 this isbeautiful this is as pretty as LauraGeller but it costs a lot lessI cannot remember what it paid for it'sprobably 3 or 4 dollars if that just abeautiful color blending right aroundthe edges there were doing that contourwhy can I not keep my words in orderwhen I'm doing these videos you guyslike that do you like when you'retalking your kids you call them 18different names before we call them theright name I'm getting to that age whereI'm starting to do that a lot and itscares me a lot oh my gosh okay I'mgonna take my wet n Wild mega Glocontour palette my dulce de leche andI'm still going to use this light colorhere to go down my nose and right hereon my Cupid's bow on top of that alrightand my face is pretty much set there wego I'm gonna use this infallible L'OrealParis makeup extender setting spray somepeople don't until it finished but Ilike to set early on so it's just kindof that's time to soak in there and Isee if I need to touch up anythingbefore I go applying eighteen differentthings to my face in the light and hairlooks really bad because my blush is notthat dark I promise here it's not itblends really nicely and that's reallight so it's like bedroom light so Ineed to find a happy medium between theTV has had a horrible blair gone here soplease bear with me and it you know justignore that mess behind me i'm trying toadjust the camera a little bit I knowit's gonna fall I just know itI hate that I need to get a stand forthis thing yeah okay somebody's gonnaget seasick touch it again all right Ihave my trusty handy-dandy Mary Kaycompact that has seen war in threecountries I think this thing is justhorrible and this is what I use when Igotta do my close-up stuff and I have todo my close-up stuff because it's timefor eyeshadow I've got the Emily editthe needs palette I think I'm gonnamostly use this one today Steve I getthat up there without getting the mirroranyway there we go those are justgorgeous colors I think she did anexcellent job picking these out they'rejust beautiful so let me grab a brushhere and I'm gonna apply this color lovewhich is the really light but down herein the corner and apply that all overactually I'll use a merriness this islarger just apply this all over my lidas a base for everything today could bethe other eyeshadows blend in a littlesmoother I'm gonna take another brushI'm gonna go into honesty which is thisbeautiful pink shade right here you canput that all over my lid oh you knowwhat I forgot my transition shade holdon more importantly why did I forget mytransition shade pearly because I'mramblingI'm gonna use this some piece right herebecause my transition shade just gonnawindshield-wiper that right there in thecrease there we go just one of thosedays just as a side conversation I wantto show you guys something that Ipurchased today which really made mehappy I know it's not officially fallyet but in my mind it has been fallingfor weekssince school started and you guys seenthe M&M white pumpkin pie bags these areabsolutely delicious if you like pumpkinstuff there you go Ella if you likepumpkin stuff you're gonna absolutelylove those they're so so good just lovethose all of those as much as the candycorn ones and that says a lot because Ireally really love those she's gonna puta little more here in my transitioncolor area in the crease just go alittle bit into the V thereall right that's better going back to myother brush now I'm gonna put honesty onall over my lid this is a really reallypretty pink shade beautiful I think shedid a great job with these I really do Ialready have a palette in my head that Iwould like to make someday I have thecolors in my head I have the name for mycompany I've got everything up in myhead all ready to go I just need to getthere you guys do that kind of stuff theones of you that have channels and stuffhave you done that sort of thing likemade a little list for yourself andthought about what you want to do in thefuture if you should ever become a bigmakeup guru or something I really hatethat term I don't know why I keep usingit makeup influencer there's that betterI prefer enthusiasts but I already havemine ready to go I just need someone tofinance it I've had it for awhile itjust came to me one day when I wasbehind another car and I saw somethingthat triggered me in a good way I thinkyou can be triggered in a good way notalways bad and so I've already got aplan in my head and I talked to myhusband about it he's like oh my goshyou're like really prepared for some dayor two you see yeah I don't think I'mtoo oldthe thing that cracks me up is thatpeople think the internet belongs to theyounger generation well I got news foryouwait 40 year-olds have caught up withyou guys and we know what we're doingnow you taught us everything we know andwe know just enough to be dangerous butI have it all up here yeah somebodywould just be willing to finance me Iwould be good to go but since thathasn't happened yet I'll just keep itright up here to myself for now notgonna share any tips um no I might sharea little tidbit here and there with youguys if you share with me and I think itwould be really really exciting so I'mlooking for another brush becausethere's my sponge tip applicator thatdid the big beauty gurus would probablycringe at the sight of that um I thinkI'm gonna use hope this little brownshade down here at the bottom and I'mjust gonna put that in the corner upinto my crease and blend that this isn'texactly what I wanted to do today but itis what's turning into sometimes I justsit down and just play end up with allkinds of crazy different colors puttogether like this morning I had ongreens lots and lots of greens and Iactually turned out wellI even went to a job interview with agreen eyeshadow on but you know if youblend it up enough it's not obvious thatit's green and it doesn't stick out thisis um the colors are so creamy and theyjust blend so well we did a really goodjob with this palette I'm very veryhappy for Emily Noel if you guys haven'tseen her channel it's Emily Noel 83 andyou really should check her out I'mgonna go back to this big fluffy brushand just kind of blend everything alittle bit this is a little smootherwhat do you think too dark cuz I'm justhanging out at the house todaysince my interview is over and have tostart studying because my graduateclasses start on October 1st I'm veryexcited I'm going back I have completedsix out of my 14 classes for my graduatedegree and I've been sitting out since2011because life happened but my daughterhas encouraged me to go back and finishwhat I started and I think that's uhit's a really cool thing um that we canbe in school together at the same timeshe's she's inspirational to me and Idon't know what I would do without hershe's my best friendso she has encouraged me to go back andfinish and I only have a couple yearsleft to finish our have to start allover again from my heart and that wouldreally really suck so I gotta get itdone so I start on October 1st and I'mjust really stoked about that I mighthave a little less time to do videos butmy my videos are sporadic they're notreally on a schedule and I apologize forthat it's just that we've got a lotgoing on right now and a new grandbabyand people coming and going and movingcollege and it's just a little nuttyaround here sometimes um let's see I'mgonna use gratitude which is thishighlighter shade down here I'm gonnaput a little bit of this in the cornerjust to brighten up just a little bitright in the corners of my eyes yeahlike thatkeep them my eyes light because I wantto go a little dark on my lip today justto play with the new color I've onlyused once alright let me get thesesmaller brushes I'm gonna put some ofthat honesty right under my legs hereright here under my lash lineand I'm gonna get a little more of thebrown the hope and put that just in thecorner right there I just like to dothat because it kind of diminishes thestarkness ofmy eyeliner when I put it on there we gocan you grab my eyeliner which I havejust Physicians Formula this came in atrio so I'm not sure what the trio iscalled but it had like a bronze a copperand a black and they're really smoothand creamy I normally don't like linersthat you can't sharpen but eyelinersit's different to me because I don'thave to keep such a sharp point on thislike I do lip liners I'm really reallypicky with my lip liners no I've justalways been that waylip stir everybody has a favoritefeature on their face my lips are myfavorite feature because I like to playwith them and you can change it updifferent colors and it's just more funto play with your Lipson eyes my eyesare just kind of there and I do what Ihave to do with them but you know if Icould just cut myself off and just havehere to here I'd be fine you take a lotless time you get ready - all right Ihave my L'Oreal voluminous in Burgundythis is really really pretty but I stillcan't tell whether or not he's Burgundywhen you put it on because once you getit on it just looks dark like black it'snot quite as dark as my black mascarabut it's pretty close I don't know maybeyou can tell outside because I can'teven tell him here at the window openwhat color that is but I like it on thewine and it's pretty so I bought it andI love the L'Oreal voluminous formula soI've been in the black for years I'vetried the waterproof too which is reallyreally nice but I prefer the regular itstays on nice anyway so it doesn'treally have to be waterproof to stay onI'm just gonna do really quick it takesme forever to do my eyelashes so I'mjust gonna put one coat on for now Idon't go back and finish it later I'mgonna scare you guys but not having anymakeup on too long I'm very veryuncomfortable being on video withoutmakeup I don't know I just you know Ifeel like it makes me look older withoutmakeup maybe it doesn't you go wrong butit is what it isI have been adding products to thegiveaway the giveaway is getting reallyreally big there's a lot in it so farand I plan to keep adding on it so weget 200 subscribers so if you guys canhelp me get to that hundred I can't waitto do this giveaway I'm so excited aboutit I can't stand itit's really exciting for me to be ableto give back to you guys for putting upwith me and I really appreciate youputting up with me because I do ramble alot of it you take my little elfs bullyhere and string up my eyebrows a littlebit well I had my eyebrows already wonbut I seem to have gotten in thefoundation in them just a little bit soanyway the giveaway has um you know oneor two pallets in it already it has somerose gold things that you can use andtheir products and products lifestyleproducts there's a little bit ofeverything I can't wait to show you guyseverything that's in it but I want toget a little bit closer to that hundredbefore I reveal everything that's in itlet me just tell you I think it's gonnabe a really nice giveaway I hope youguys like everything in it and if you'rewatching this video Christy I need youto email me your address so I can sendyou those stickers I have had thosestickers in my purse for over week foryou now and I'm ready to send those toyou alright I am going to do my lips nowthis is the LA girls backwards perfectprecision lipliner in I think it's berrywine yes berry wine use this to do mylips it's really creamyhe's gonna do a cookout line no goodstraighten it later it's like I saidbefore watching somebody do their lipsit's like watching paint dry especiallywhen you're as picky as I am about myline all right that's a quickie outlinelet me get this lip color on it is bybare minerals I love bare mineralsliquid lipsticks these things dry downto the perfect form of matte they'relike satiny math I'm not dry matte thisis Swank SWA and K and I'll list thatdown below for you guys and I love thiscolor for fall it's a really prettyberryand like I said I'll go back andstraighten this up when I get off thevideo I'm just trying to do this quicklyjust get ready with me videos are alittle bit long I'm sorry and that'seven with me speeding along the processmm-hmm I could sit here and work on mylip liner for hours so to get itstraightthat's how picky I am all right so youget the general idea this is the liplook I was going for I'll straighten itall up when I get off of here and myhair still wet um but it's coming alongsitting over top of the air conditionerright now on my floor my husband's likewhy don't you record in one spot I don'tknow just haven't figured out what kindof background I want yet and I'm a workin progress I've been working progressmy whole life but God's not finishedwith me yet so please bear with meum I hope you guys have a wonderful dayplease subscribe down below if youhaven't subscribed yet and like thisvideo please and leave some nicecomments so I can talk to you I enjoytalking back and forth with you guysjoin me again and we'll talk about lifeand love and lipstick and chews andchopping and whatever pops into my headbye guys

-illuminouseye Anti Aging Eye Serum
-bellaire skin Anti Aging Face Cream
-HARD CANDY Eyeshadow Primer (Eyes The Limit)
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-HARD CANDY Sheer Envy Hydrating Primer Mist
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-milani BAKED BLUSH (Bella Bellini)
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-L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara (Burgundy)
-Urban Decay NAKED Ultimate Basics (MAGNET, BLACKJACK)
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