Remove DARK CIRCLES in 3 Days with Vitamin E oil Eye Serum, Under Eye wrinkles, Eye bags Night Cream

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pick few fresh rose petals and wash themthoroughly then crush them using amortar and pestle to make a paste afterthat extract the juice out of itnext take one teaspoon of aloe vera geladd 1 teaspoon of rose petals juice andadd one capsule of vitamin E oil mix allthe ingredients together now apply theserum around your eyes and massage itgently you can also leave it for 10 to15 minutes around your eyes then washoff with cold waterrepeat the stalee aloe vera soothes theskin and hydrates it its nourishingproperties reduce the pigmentation underthe eye and make the sensitive skin inthat area healthier the aloe vera gelhelps reduce fine wrinkles around theeye areas its anti-aging properties helpmaintain collagen of the skin the gelalso helps stimulate collagen formationto help restore the suppleness of theskin around our eyes the gel also actsas a good moisturizer and emollient forthe eyes vitamin E a powerfulantioxidant counteracts the harmfuleffects caused by free radicalsparticularly aging vitamin E protectsthe skin cells that produce collagencollagen is essential for maintaininghealthy firm and younger looking skinthus vitamin E helps in reducing Suninduced wrinkles and premature aging becareful while using the serum itshouldn't go into your eyes rose petalswater is often considered a great remedyfor reducing dark circles it givescooling effect to your eyes and reducesunder-eye bags I hope you liked thevideo if you like this video then giveit a thumbs up and share it with yourfriends thank you for watching

Remove Dark circles around eyes with Aloevera Gel & Vitamin E oil
Aloevera eye gel helps to remove under eye bags, and wrinkles around your eyes. this anti aging gel helps to Get Rid of Crow’s-Feet and fine lines around eyes. it also helps to get rid of puffiness around eyes. cucumber juice helps to reduce swelling around your eyes. You can also put a slice of cucumber around your eyes to remove dark under eye circles or you can rub cucumber around your eyes.

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