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Vitamin C Facial Serum Selecting and using the Best Anti aging Serums

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[Music]so what are these popular anti-agingskin products and why are they soeffective at reducing fine lineswrinkles and age spotswell the active ingredients in bothvitamin C and hyaluronic acid are provento prevent and repair free radicaldamage to the skin protect against UVsun damage and stimulate collagenproduction when applied topically all ofthese benefits add up to a potentanti-aging solution that's used tocombat and even reverse the signs ofaging on your face vitamin C serum andhyaluronic acid serum are branded andsold separately in their own rightalthough some manufacturers cleverlycombine the two ingredients into oneall-encompassing product the length oftime from when you start using theserums until you see results varies witheach person while some people noticechanges in their skin texture as soon asthree to four weeks of consistent use itmay take others a little longer[Music]given the rapid rise in popularity ofboth vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acidserum over the past few years it's nosurprise that the market for theseanti-aging cosmetics has exploded yetwhile some products are extremelyeffective at creating a youthful andrejuvenated appearance the vast majoritypromised way more than they can actuallydeliver certain cosmetics may even causemore harm to your skin than good so howdo you pick the right vitamin C andhyaluronic acid products with such avast selection to choose from wellbefore considering anything elsethe very first thing to check is thepercentage concentration of eachingredient within their respectiveserums for example there's no pointbuying a bottle that is marketed asvitamin C serum when vitamin C is listedas one of the smallest components of theproductconversely too much vitamin C in abottle can cause allergic reactions it'salso unlikely that your skin will beable to absorb as much of theantioxidant the golden rule is of courseto check before you buy and if thepercentage concentration isn'tadvertised it's worth contacting themanufacturer to find out for vitamin Cserum you should ideally opt for abottle that contains between 10 to 20%vitamin C and for hyaluronic acid seruma concentration of between 2 to 4%hyaluronic acid is generally regarded asthe most effective other factors toconsider are the stability of theingredients the pH level and thedurability of the packaging particularlyfor vitamin C serum which can oxidizewithout an airtight uv-protected bottleif in doubt take a good look at thecustomer reviews online payingparticular attention to what others sayabout the overall absorption rate ofeach product and how quickly itpenetrates the skin[Music]when you first begin using eithervitamin C serum or hyaluronic acid seruma little stinging and mild irritation iscompletely normal for most people thiswill subside as you get used to thetreatment although there are exceptionsand if the irritation persists you mayneed to downgrade to a less potent serumto make it more tolerable likewise someproducts containing high levels ofsilicones and fillers can be problematicfor women with acne prone or sensitiveskin in this case we recommend using theserum sparingly or discontinuing theiruse completely if you suffer breakoutson the whole however the side-effectsfrom using either vitamin C serum orhyaluronic acid serum are mild assumingyou have done your research and bought ahigh quality product and provided youallow your skin time to gradually adjustto each serum you can generally avoidcomplications if after a few months ofconsistent use you're still not happywith the results you may wish to switchto an alternative product but beforedoing so please make sure your lack ofprogress is not a result of somethingcloser to homewhat most people don't realize is thatonly 25 to 30 percent of the skin agingprocess is genetically determined thismeans that you can control the rate offine line and wrinkle formation on yourskin way more than you might havethought of course it's vitally importantto use the most effective anti-agingcosmetics available while protectingyour skin from harmful UV rays a healthydiet and regular exercise are alsoessential to maintaining a youthfulcomplexion and smoking and alcoholconsumption should of course be limitedyet despite the widespread recognitionof the above there is still one hugemistake that millions upon millions ofwomen and men across the world continueto make in their fight against prematureaging they have never learned how tocleanse properly it seems too simple tobe true but making just one or two minorchanges to your cleansing regime canprevent years worth of wrinkles saggingskin and pigmentation issues no matterwhat else you do to combat the signs ofagingwhat I'm about to show you is our bestpractice cleansing regime a simplestep-by-step process for cleaning yourface without causing unnecessary drynessirritation or inflammation of course weare all different and what works wellfor the majority of people might notnecessarily work so well for you andyour skin that said you will neverexperience the full anti-aging benefitsof any cosmetic product without properskin cleansing so please listencarefully as you may be inadvertentlydamaging your appearance every singleday without even knowing itstep 1 using makeup wipes gently removeany eyeliner mascara and foundationensuring your face is completely clearof makeup this first step is onlynecessary in the evening when you'llwant to remove everything from the dayoff your skin including SPF sunscreensstep 2now wash your hands thoroughly with amild soap to remove any excess dirt andbacteria if you skip this step theresidue from your hands will betransferred to your face step 3place a small coin sized amount ofcleanser on the palm of your hands use alightweight pH balanced cleanser that isnot too strong or abrasive on your skinnever use soap on your face as this islikely to strip away your skin's naturaloils step 4 moisten your skin with a fewdrops of lukewarm water then lather thecleanser and gently apply to your faceuse your fingertips in a circular motionremembering that your jawline is not thefinish line apply an equal amount toyour neck and decollete step 5now rinse the cleanser thoroughlyremembering to rinse commonly missedareas such as your hairline neck and thesides of your nose use lukewarm wateronly rinsing your face with cold waterto close your pores is a myth water thatis either too hot or too cold will onlyshock and irritate your skin causingbroken capillariesstep 6 using a soft clean towel gentlypat your skin dry rubbing can feelreally good but it tugs and pulls yourface and neck which puts your elastin atrisk this is the final step of yourcleansing regime for best results we nowrecommend applying a lightweight naturaltoner to your skin such as poppy Austinpure rose water this will help to calminflammation as well as balance refreshand hydrate your face and neck now tomaximize absorption and help seal inmoisture apply vitamin C serum orhyaluronic acid serum immediately aftercleansing and toning while your skin isstill damp waiting until your skin iscompletely dry will make it harder forthe active ingredients within the serumsto sink in follow with a high qualitynatural moisturizer such as poppy AustinBarbary fig seed oil or 100% pure arganoil finally and most importantly add agood-quality broad-spectrum sunscreenover your entire face and neck in themorning only this will help to protectyour skin from the sun's harmful UV raysnow and wrinkles and hyperpigmentationin the future you can then apply yourmakeup and head out the door with smoothglowing skin that is ready for the dayahead[Music]you

How to Use Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum is becoming a popular product in the world of skin care, it reduces eyebags, gets rid of wrinkles, and brightens skin. However, to get the most out of the product, we need to know how to use Vitamin C Serum. Using it right will give your skin the optimal chance for healthiness.
Make the Vitamin C Serum Part of Your Facial Care Regimen.

The best way to use Vitamin C Serum is to use it regularly and consistently. The best way to do that is to make it a part of your regular shower and facial care regimen. You can use it once or twice a day, just make sure it fits into a regular schedule you already do daily.

It’s best to use the Serum after your shower, and after using a mild cleanser on your face, neck, and back of your ears to remove the excess oil. Pat the surface damp or dry with a clean towel. If you are using facial toner, put that on first and wait for it to set.

Then, use your fingertips to massage the Vitamin C Serum into the skin. Apply just enough, and stop when your skin is damp. Give it 3 to 5 minutes to dry properly. If you are getting ready for the day, add moisturizer or sunscreen, then apply your regular makeup over the Serum. If it’s a nighttime regimen, simply rest immediately after. You may add moisturizer if you feel it is needed.
Should I Use Vitamin C Serum Morning or Night?

The real answer is, how do you want to make Vitamin C Serum work for you? Using it night or day, or night and day, has different results. Based on what you want to happen with the Serum, use it when you want.


If you are more focused on facial skin repair, apply the Vitamin C Serum at night after a shower, a facial wash, and toner if you use one. The Vitamin C is an antioxidant, cleaning and repairing the skin after UV ray damage. It stops any damage during the day from continuing even in the evening.


If the real danger to your skin is the sun itself, apply the Vitamin C Serum in the morning after a face wash, and before makeup. To seal in the Serum and make it more effective, use a moisturizer after applying the Serum. After it dries, apply your regular makeup.

Night and Morning

If you can’t decide, and it will fit in with your regular facial skin care regimen, go for both! Then you will be able to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and repair the skin damage afterwards.
Know How to Use Vitamin C Serum

The best gadget can be misused without an instruction manual. Knowing how to use your Vitamin C Serum so that you get the best value for your investment is a basic must. With this Serum, your face care regimen can only get better.

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