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[Music]hello YouTube family and welcome totoday's video which is going to be someskincare favorites that I have for rightnow I want to share this with youbecause as I continue to test skincareproducts there are some that I reallyreally have grown to love and that Iwill repurchase over and over again andthen there are some that I will be onthe fence about I don't know exactlywhether or not they're ones that I willcontinue but most of this I purchasedwith my own money there are a couplethings that I got from octa Lee whichI'll let you know as I go through thatbut yeah let's get into this video rightaway so it won't be very long ok guys sothere are several items from theordinary and I'm just gonna start withthat because you guys know I have anobsession with your namehowever with the ordinary however thereare a couple items that I kind of havestepped back a little bit from and I'mnot using them as much the first one isthat r0 lean solution I researched thispretty thoroughly and what I found isthat what is purposes is pretty much totry and relax the skin so that anywhereyou like really like I have theseterrible frown lines and then I havethese terrible lines across my foreheadso anywhere that you would have lineslike that its purpose is to relax them Iwas putting it in with a bunch of othersand putting it all over my face I don'twant my my jawline to relax I want it tolift and I don't want my eyes to relax Iwant them to lift too so I kind of havebeen doing spot treatments with that onethis one is the caffeine solution and alot of you are gonna go why are youstopping that this one is designed forbags under the eyes if you have a lot ofpuffiness under your eyes I don't havethe puffiness I have the darkness at theextreme darkness but I was finding as Iwas using this more and more and this ismy first bottle and I got about I wouldsay it got about a third of the waythrough and I could not figure out whymy under eyes were looking so dry andlike somebody had just just sucked thelife right out of them and every bit ofmoisture out of them and it was becauseof the caffeine solution becausecaffeine is a diuretic which means itjust takes the water out and so if youhave bags underneath your eyes this isfor you a hundred percent but for mewhen I just need the darkness taken careof this really wasn't for me so that oneis one that I've shied Irate away fromso now I'm just gonna tell you about theones that I'm really enjoying this oneis the nice sinem ID this is dude thisis supposed to unclog pores and help youwith that I only use it when I start tosee some congestion or you knowthroughout the big pores that I haveright here as soon as the euk it is anantioxidant that is designed to protectyour skin from the harmful elementsaround us the pollutants and things likethat we just are exposed to every singleday this one what is so different aboutit and what I really appreciated aboutreading about it was that it was onethat kind of rejuvenated itselfthroughout the day the otherantioxidants that you put on you'll putthem on and they'll do their job butthey won't like last throughout the dayso I was really intrigued that this onekind of keeps going so I reallyappreciate that one this one is myrosehip seed oil this is the only oil Ihave left right now that I'm using fromthem and I'm going to use this uprosehip seed oil is really notnecessarily a good hydrator but it'ssuch a good brightener so I always wearthis in with my moisturizer in themorningit does help my moisturizers seem tolast a little bit longer I do put acouple drops of something else I'm goingto tell you about here in just a secondthis right here oh my gosh I love thisNeutrogena ultra sheer liquid this is asunscreen that has a broad-spectrum SPFof 70 you don't necessarily need a 70but what I love about this is this is solight and so I put this in with mymoisturizer as well and it is justwhoops I dropped a little drop but it'sjust so light and it sinks into the skinso quickly non greasy there is not agreasy feel there at all it's wonderfulso that one is a sunscreen that I willforever continue to purchase this one isthe Clinique oh this is Moisture Surgefrom Clinique this is the overnight maskthat they haveI wasn't crazy about the Moisture Surgelet's see it was the one I had in thepump bottle I liked it but it wasn't onethat I thought I might repurchase thisone is this one gives you so muchmoisture it is just it's it holds itit's a thicker cream I don't know ifthey have like different kinds ofhyaluronic acid or if they've put inother things in there because hyaluronicis usually a liquid so I'm sure thatthey put some sort of other cream inthere as well see my hand feels sohydrated right now after that okay thisone is the Micro essence hydrating wateressence from ELF I love water essencesbut I was finding that they're soexpensive I had the Mesha when I thinkit's called and I did like that a lotbut this elf one seems to be just asgood as a matter of fact I think I likethis even better in the winter becauseit seems to be more hydrating than thoseother ones were and they just it justreally seems to do the job as good asthe other water essences that I've hadin the past it is a tiny bit thick inthe morning this is my first step like atoner right after I cleanse so yeah kindof get your face kind of plumped up andready for all those serums and yummymoisturizers that you're gonna use onthem this is a cream that I got in abeauty box and this is the ultra RepairCream from first aid beauty and this isso good as a night cream because it's soamoliant and it has it's just powerpacked with hydrating elements this saysskin protectant with fab antioxidantboosters it's good for people that haveExuma it's good for people that havesensitive skin it just works reallyreally well that's why I went out and Ibought the big huge one next one you seefor me will probably be the big huge oneI really like that as a nighttime creamit's been working really good for methis one is the true and olive bloomorganic balancing oil I really like thisyou guys have got this scent from truein all of themselves so I know that theoils in this are 100% organicI can smell like a lavender oil in thereand you know that that's in there thereis also some rosehip seed oil in hereI'm sure that there is olive oil in herethat's the nametheir brand but I really have beenliking this both morning and night Iwill use it I'll use it in with mymoisturizer in the morning but at nightI put a generous coating of this on andI just started using this Oh probablylike ten days ago or so but I'm alreadynoticing that I really like howhydrating it is and you can see thateven though I've been using it for tendays it's hardly made a dent in it so alittle tiny bit goes a long way and itreally is a great oil so far this one Igot sent from octoly and you guysremember that I wanted to find a dupefor this art Tilbury night cream becauseof how amoliant it was and how much Iloved using it on my eyes to keep myeyes hydrated all night this is fromcosmetics so it spelled see Oh SMED iceX excuse me and this is their opticcrystal liquid crystal eye serum oh mygoodness this is so nice and it works sogood as a nice erm and it has such acool delivery system because when I'veused really super amoliant eye productsbefore I have found that because theirdelivery system was a little bit let'ssee how can I put this there it you knowyou just squeeze out too much sobasically if you guys I hope you guyscan see that that is all I use rightthere for both eyes and my lips andbrace yourselvesthis is pricey it's like 90 somethingdollars and I don't know if this is afull size or a trial size that they sentme I will look that up I'll leave thatinformation below but this stuff I canunderstand why it's $97 because it justit is so amoliantI can't I don't even know how to evenexplain what it is but it just hydrateslike none otherI am so impressed with that and it juststays on even you know while you'resleeping for hours and hours and hoursit is so good I hate to even be wastingit to show you guys but it's wonderfuland I use it like I said I use what'sextra on my lipsit just keeps my lips so nice throughthe night I just really really love thatstuff another thing that I got from octaleave this one is from skin diva and itis that20% vitamin C and E +4 Freilichacid serum this says super antioxidantneutralizes free radicals and brightbrightens and evens tone and you guysthis is the first time in a long timethat I've had a vitamin C serum that Ido like and I'm not saying that justbecause it got sent to me I promise youwhat I like about it is look how waterythat is I don't know if that's a goodthing or a bad thing as far as chemistrygoes I'm sure one of you will have theanswer for me on that but this sinksinto my skin so quickly so as soon asI'm done with my water essence I willput this on and use it and I use itmorning and night except for on myretinol nights so yeah definitely reallyhave been enjoying this one and it isone that if it's not terribly expensiveI will be repurchasing I apologize Ihaven't looked into how expensive it isbut yeah that one I'm really enjoyingand of course as you guys know I use theTrent annoyin cream in the point oh fivepercent which is the generic brand forretin-a so this is obviously alwaysgoing to be in something that I show youthat is my favorites as far as skincaregoes so I hope that you guys enjoyedthis video and seeing some of myskincare favorites a while ago I didbring you my morning routine I need tobring you my nighttime routine because Ijust really enjoy showing you guys whatI go through and I also still owe youguys a video about my derma rollingexperience so definitely gonna get onthose for you guys please give me athumbs up if you wouldn't mind doingthat it does help me as I always tellyou if you're new to my channel I'm soglad that you stopped by but don't leavewithout clicking the subscribe buttonbecause I really would love to have yoube a part of this family these gals thatare here just so you know if you're newevery person that is here that I get totalk to in the comment section is justso wonderful loving and great abouteverything if you have questions and Ihaven't gotten to you you know reallyquickly they're gonna help you answerthose questions so we have a greatcommunity here so come and join us ifyou wouldn't mind I would love to havenew people here and of course my ladiesthat are just my faithful wonderfulsubscribers I love you guys so much youknow how much I love you and Iappreciate all that you do for me alltimes so have a wonderful day you guys Ilove you all enjoy yourselves this weekand I will see you in my very next videobye guys[Music]

These are the skincare products that I’m loving right now. Hope you enjoy the video. Love ya

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Products Mentioned:
The Ordinary Argireline Serum https://bit.ly/2qu8IKa
The Ordinary Caffeine Solution https://bit.ly/2qxA2Ie
The Ordinary 100% Pure Rose Hip Seed Oil https://bit.ly/2GZlF9Z
The Ordinary Niacinamide https://bit.ly/2IWq4qD
The Ordinary EUK https://bit.ly/2GYWO65
Skin Deva https://www.octoly.com/c/hbo7p/r/hawfk
True & Olive Bloom Organic Balancing Oil https://amzn.to/2GZveS1
Cosmetix Opti-Crystal Liquid Crystal Eye Serum https://www.octoly.com/c/hbo7p/r/haqs8
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen SPF 70 https://amzn.to/2vehv8y
Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Masque https://bit.ly/2qzS6kY
ELF Essence Water https://bit.ly/2HrqGYf
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream https://bit.ly/2pTldj7
Tretinoin .05% (please consult your doctor before starting a retinol)

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*OptiCrystal was sent to me by Octoly
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*SkinDeva Vit C serum was sent to me by Octoly also
@skindevaproducts #skindeva #vitamincserum #OctolyFamily #GotItForFree Find the product here: https://www.octoly.com/c/hbo7p/r/hawfk
*True & Olive Balancing oil was sent to me by the company.

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