My Anti Aging Eye Serum – Eye Aspire

like to share with all of you packagethat I got mail anybody interestedanybody on your days let's see it'sgonna be the opening of my I aspire okaylet's get these glasses on so I don'tcut myself all right are you readynobody's around to watch this huhI'm live Shari Schmidt here lattes hiDirk oh yeah Carol okay today hi here wego bought me a package in the mail seewhat it is you know what it is kind offun huh honey close the door I'm goinglive okay here it is it is my limelightmy business in the box and I gotlimelight what this is it's a I aspire Iserum okay it's gonna make we get rid ofthese bags under my eyes I've got somebad news today so I do have some bagswish I didn't have some makeup on so Iactually would put it on for you guysokaythis is an eye serum let's see kind ofexciting see look at this this littleapplicator here I wish you could see itbetter it is a ceramic applicator wherewhoa we do put it under my eye oh it'snice and cool tool and then let's trythiswhat it's hard to do it with them Iguess I'm not gonna do that I but as youcan see what this is guys is this barkand carob it is going it isa highly effective ingredient to reversethe signs of aging whoo hi Kimberly howare you honey this is going to help mereduce my fine lines and the puffinessaround my eyes I have this head headthis um I spot this sunspot but it'sgotten rid of that pretty much from mysoul stalks and my one drop wonder whichis pretty exciting yeah Carol you needto get some of this too it's awesomethis little applicator right here it's aceramic and it's gonna reduce thepuffiness and replenish my skin that'sall around my eyes here now to me that'spretty it darn exciting huhI can't wait guys you know I don'treally get a lot of black under my eyesbut I do get puffiness that is from thecried all day my niece is nice okayshe's finally coming to so now I can usethis to UM get rid of all that sadnessanyways I just wanted to jump in andshare this you guys this is $84 but it'sexciting you know the ceramic tip herethat's just gonna feel so good on myeyes and you know to reverse that signof Aging is wonderful hello Virginia howare you sweetieyou know the Aspen park and the carobgum it's just gonna just help me reversethat aging I know that's what we allwant to do we hit our 50s and we justwant to go back into our 20s right welltomorrow I'm going to I have anotherpackage that should be arriving andthat's going to be the bamboo scrub andI really canway to open that for you guys tomorrowso if you guys want you know to look atmy inventory limelight inventory or ifyou want to get your hands on some ofthis it's called I aspire it has thisawesome little ceramic applicator and itjust oh I just love itjust feel so good oh you know you won'tbelieve how good this actually feels ohmy goodness I'm gonna use this twice aday yes and you're not gonna be able tobelieve oh yeah I'm gonna get these arekiller killer killer products guyslimelight rocks and I can't wait to rockout all of you in 2015 and beyondso guys start looking ageless pleasecherry and I I'm gonna sign off you knowlove you guysconnect with me let me know if you'dlike my link to my site and I will shareoh my wonderful anti-aging ingredientseverything with you also ourprofessional makeup line don't forgetabout that tooall right guys I'm signing off have awonderful eveningand I will talk to you all later


My Anti Aging Eye Serum – Eye Aspire

Eye Aspire Eye Serum uses naturally-derived, yet highly-effective ingredients to reverse the signs of aging around the eye area.

The active ingredients will reduce fine lines and puffiness, eliminate age spots, and lighten dark under-eye circles.

The cooling ceramic tip applicator instantly reduces puffiness and refreshes the skin around your eyes. Used consistently over time, the effects are visibly dramatic.

You Can Order Your Anti-Aging Serum By Clicking The Link Below Now—


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